What to do on New Year’s Eve 2016

Oh what to do on this super-important evening?

Why not try spending it alone, as an experiment (Bunsen burner optional)?

I’ve experienced many New Year’s Eves, literally one every year to be frank with you. If my silly approach to this evening surprises you – let me explain: I think that every year on this evening, there’re millions of people  celebrating something for the sake of it. Oh but don’t we do this anyway, I hear you cry from the relative safety of your armchairs?

Well yes we do, on many occasions…however on this night the need is even more pronounced. People are desperately trying to enjoy themselves, or trying to look like they are. Why do they do it?  I reckon it’s connected to herd mentality (as are so many other foibles of the human condition).  If only a 1/4 of the population celebrated it, we wouldn’t care as much for sure. But we know that so many people are out there (or inside somewhere), drinking usually, waiting for the midnight hour…so we have to do the same…we have to go somewhere…we have to drink (heavily usually)…we have to enjoy ourselves….fuck that.

I don’t mean fuck enjoying ourselves.  But when are we going to seriously look at ourselves and the ritual that this night entails? Do we really want to celebrate a TIME? It’s just a time.  It doesn’t mean anything apart from the start of a new year…and what does that usually mean….the same routine and beliefs for most people. So why kid ourselves?

Yet we do kid ourselves, year after year….’I’ll join the gym and really commit this year’…’I’ll start my new business this year’…’I won’t let men/women treat me badly this year’….and so on.  My issue with these things is not the sentiment behind them (be that as it may fuelled by alcohol and revelry). My issue is why are we waiting until the last day of the year to make decisions that potentially could change our lives for the better? Why are we doing them at the same time as everyone else? Why do we need to publicise them to everyone within earshot? It’s actually been said that the more we talk about our goals, the less likely we are to actively pursue them, the gratification we receive from talking about them gives us a form of satisfaction that can even replace the desire to achieve the goal itself.

Also if you’re single on this night, you probably really want to hook up with someone or at the very least you’ll start thinking about how long you’d been single during the year…..you may also think about the things you didn’t do that you wanted to.  Oh and whilst I’m on a deranged rant, here’s one more for ya: people are friendlier especially after the clocks strike 12…wishing strangers happy new year…this even continues into the morning on your way home….but that attitude of being nice to complete strangers doesn’t last beyond 1st January.

And how about the costs of private parties/clubs? You’ll queue for ages to get into a hugely congested space and queue again to buy overpriced drinks. How many people in that building/room are genuinely enjoying themselves?

Am I saying I hate New Year’s Eve? Actually no…but I am saying that maybe people shouldn’t feel they HAVE to enjoy themselves, they HAVE to go out, they HAVE to do something.

Finally, I will say that it can be a lovely way to end the year, spending it with friends and/or family.  Saying goodbye to the year and looking forward (hopefully with renewed optimism) to the next.  But don’t feel obliged to.














Please see below..

Nearly six years ago I wrote my first blog. At the time I thought I’d write about something that both worried me, and also made me worry (you’ll get used to my hilarious sense of humour in due course).

I was a total technophobe and still am to an extent (could you please turn my phone on for me?).  And it’s for this reason I never realised why my blog was never ‘published’ online – for some reason I assumed that it would go online as part of the deal.

Anyway it wasn’t published online of course, and following that, I quickly (within 48 hours) became disillusioned with the whole blogging thing.

However I’m going to try it again, and for those of you still awake, my very first blog (which was never published) is re-enacted below.  Was it ahead of it’s time? Was it a sign of things to come in the modern world? Was I ahead of my time? Am I living in the past, or just in East London?

“Hello.  It’s my first blog.  First ever. Although I did one in my mind a few months ago, but maybe that doesn’t count. I’m entirely new to blogging. I do hope you’ll like my particular style. I’ll talk about anything that takes my fancy, and sometimes something that doesn’t (at my age you take what you get).

I’m also something of a technophobe. This in itself has meant that it’s taken me longer than it would a normal person to set up this blog stuff, following my decision to do so.  I’ve never really been able to make myself entirely at ease with complicated blackberries, iphones and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I realise that in this day and age we can’t really make any progress in our lives without a gadget of some sort.  It’s just that I don’t fully understand how and why some people let these things take over their lives.  I mean, how many people do you see on the tube train on the way to work in the morning, just sitting there (or standing there if we’re talking about the Northern Line) – usually fiddling with something (?).  Usually a phone, or an ipod at the very least, or even a phone-pod (have they invented that yet?).  I think these gadgets have added to mankind’s already admirable range of nervous ticks, for want of a better description.

Let me explain; let’s say you’re on your tube carriage, sitting down looking around aimlessly at the adverts. Then a stunning woman (substitute that for “man” if you’re a woman, or alternatively mix and match depending on your taste) gets on the carriage and decides to sit directly opposite you. What do you do? Back in the day, you’d probably have ended up fiddling with your wallet, or staring around the carriage incessantly. Now that we have phones/blackberries/gooseberries, we can, when the aforementioned lovely person gets on our carriage, just fiddle with these gadgets instead.  Anything to keep our mind off staring at Mr/Miss/Ms Tasty.  Although maybe that’s a blessing in disguise? If we did shun our respective nervous ticks, and just did what we wanted, we’d get arrested in a short space of time. Lovely person gets on tube and sits opposite us, we just stare at them as if their visage contains the very meaning of life.

You can tell I haven’t thought this through, but I have thought about it.

I hope I’ve made a point though, albeit using about twice as much text as a grammatically proficient person would have used.

More “observations” on urban life to follow……..”